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Alegre Founders & Owners

Amelia + Nick

Colorado native Amelia Moritz is the owner of Alegre Weddings and Events. Inspired to be your local wedding planner, back in 2009 when she planned and executed her own wedding wishing she had a wedding planner to take the wedding day tasks and give the gift to enjoy each moment of her wedding day.

In 2018 Amelia was reunited with her first love Nicholas Moritz and married in March of 2019 in an intimate elopement. Nicholas has joined Alegre Weddings and Events and has brought in our beautiful new arch rentals. Brides imagine getting their make-up and hair done while sipping champagne with their best friends and sisters.


Brides do not envision hauling decorations to the venues, running around like a madwoman, aka bridezilla. Sweating, starving, and stressing are three things a bride should NOT be doing the day she says I DO!

Amelia is also on the board of directors for NACE Denver

You can count on Nick and Amelia Moritz and their team to take care of all the details for your wedding day.


Transforming all your wedding plans into a reality, just the way you always dreamed them to be.


Lead Coordinator

Natalie McGrath

Natalie joined our team and naturally settled into the wedding industry.  A strong eye for design and organization we fully trust that Natalie will carry our Alegre values and make sure all our couples are guests at their wedding. 


Assistant Planner


"Hello Everyone! My name is Haley and I am working on my bachelor’s degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management. I will be finishing up my degree in December. Amelia decided to take me on as an intern this semester in order to fulfill my degree. I decided to join Alegre Weddings and Events because I have always wanted to be in the wedding/events industry. I am really looking forward to learning everything about wedding planning!"



Florist by day and bartender by night. Taylor has been with Alegre for 5 years. As an artist, she takes her creative side and applies it to all sides of your wedding day. She is experienced in the day of coordinating as well. There is nothing she won’t do to ensure your wedding day is perfect.


Event Crew

Tim Swanson | Lighting and Drape Tech

Nate Tunison | A little bit of everything 

James Swartz | Event Lead 

Dylan Patterson | Set up and Take Down Crew

Gabriella Bustillo | Marketing 


Jonny | Hannah | Nate | Taylor | Haley | Shannon


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