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On the Day Coordination

Imagine waking up the day of your wedding relaxed knowing the only thing you have to do is simply get ready for your groom. Enjoy time to reflect and embrace each moment. You will be surrounded by all the beautiful women in your life as you transform into a beautiful bride!


While you are getting ready, Colorado wedding planners at Alegré Weddings and Events will be at your ceremony and reception sites ensuring every detail of your wedding is perfect the way you have planned. See your dreams come to life as Amelia will share photos and videos of the whole process for your approval, so sit back and relax. Be a guest at your wedding


Day-of coordination services are focused on managing and overseeing the wedding day itself, ensuring that everything runs smoothly. Here's a list of day-of coordination wedding planner services:

Timeline Management

Develop and execute a detailed timeline for the wedding day.

Vendor Coordination

Communicate with and coordinate all vendors on the day of the wedding.

Ensure vendors arrive on time and set up according to plan.

Venue Coordination

Work closely with the venue staff to manage logistics.

Oversee ceremony and reception setup.

Ceremony Oversight

Direct the ceremony processional and recessional.

Coordinate with the officiant, musicians, and readers.

Reception Management

Coordinate the flow of events during the reception.

Oversee the entrance, first dance, toasts, and other key moments.

Problem Resolution

Handle any unexpected issues that may arise on the wedding day.

Provide solutions and ensure a seamless experience for the couple.

Guest Assistance

Assist guests with any questions or concerns.

Manage the guestbook and gift table.

Bridal Party Coordination

Coordinate with the bridal party for the processional and other activities.

Ensure everyone is where they need to be at the right time.

Emergency Kit

Have an emergency kit on hand for any last-minute needs.

Address wardrobe malfunctions or other small emergencies.

Timeline Management

Ensure that the events of the day adhere to the established timeline.

Adjust the schedule if necessary to accommodate any delays.

Pack-Up Assistance

Oversee the packing up of any personal items or decorations at the end of the event.

Coordinate with vendors for equipment removal.

Communication Hub

Act as a central point of contact for vendors, the venue, and the couple.

Relay important information throughout the day.

Review Contracts

Familiarize themselves with vendor contracts to ensure all agreed-upon services are delivered.


Day-of coordination allows couples to enjoy their wedding day without the stress of managing the logistics, as a professional takes care of the details to ensure a smooth and memorable celebration.

Package Cost: $1,995

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