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Fall Inspired Cocktails

These Fall inspired cocktails a perfect to bring in the holidays!

Find recipes below:

White Pumpkin: (single serving)

1.5 oz of white rum

3 oz unsweet vanilla almond milk

1 tsp. honey

dash of pumpkin spice

Old Fashioned: (single serving)

1.5 oz bourbon or rye whiskey

1 sugar cube

2 dashes of bitters

few dashes of water

garnish with orange peel

Harvest Punch: (multiple servings)

1 bag of frozen cranberries

1 sliced orange

1 frozen orange juice concentrate

1 cinnamon stick

8 cups Apple cider

2 cups Cranberry juice

1 cup Pear juice/nectar

1/2 bottle Sparkling white wine

2 cups Spiced rum

Book Alegre bartenders and customize your bar menu!

Booking 2023/2024

venue: YA YA Farm & Orchard

cocktails: Alegré Weddings and Events

appetizers: Harvest To Home Personal Chef Services

table: Primary Event Rentals

photo: Honey Do Photography and Broken Antler Photography

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