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Save the Bouquet | Bouquet Preservation

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

Flower preservation has taken the wedding industry to a whole new level. You can now cherish your wedding florals in resin that will last a lifetime. We asked our friend Lauren with Colorado Resin Florals to give us some tips and tricks for couples getting married in Colorado.

Lauren is the owner of Colorado Resin Florals. She started using resin when she wanted to preserve her own wedding flowers. She admits she did a terrible job as it was her first time. In hindsight it started the journey to where she is today. Making beautiful keepsakes for other brides is her number one priority! Through years of practice, she offers numerous options of crystal clear functional and decorative resin pieces for preserving your bouquet.

Here are a few tips | Preserve your bouquet

  • Considering and booking bouquet preservation several months in advance. Summer wedding weeks may even book up to 6 months in advance.

  • Quality flowers lead to quality preservations! Using a high quality florist, like us, will give you the best results.

  • Make sure your flowers are cared for on the day of the wedding will ensure that they look the best for your resin pieces. It is best to get your flowers to your preservation artist within 3 days of your wedding.

  • Bouquets with lots of variety make for a more visually intriguing preservation!

Here are drying instructions to help if you can't get your bouquet to your preservation artist right away.

Here are a few of our favorite floral preservation companies!

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