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Winter Wedding Magic

By: Natalie McGrath

Photo By: Among the Pines Photo

One of the best parts of being a Colorado wedding florist is visiting breathtaking sites. This past New Year's Eve, we had an opportunity to do just that.

Carley and Cody tied the knot in Dillon, CO at the famous Sapphire Point Outlook. Her floral vision consisted of deep purples and greens highlighted by pops of white. The color pallet set against a background of soft snow promised a strikingly beautiful contrast. Needless to say, we were happy to make the drive.

The journey, however, was not without bumps along the way. While heading up the snow-covered Rockies, our car caught a drift and was immediately stuck in the wet snow. After half an hour of digging and pushing (and help from the mothers of the bride and groom) we were finally on our way to build the ceremony pieces.

After the rush of adrenaline and a small trek through the snow, the arrangements were positioned, boutonnieres were pinned on, and the bride held her bouquet. Success! Everything amounted to a gorgeous winter wedding with all the bells and whistles of a New Year's Eve celebration.

Winter wedding are certainly a beast all their own, but so worth it for the final result.

A big thank you to the families of the bride and groom for all their help, and congrats Carley and Cody!

Photo By: Among the Pines Photo

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